Lies have short legs

Age 2 - 6
Children book

They say lies have short legs. But they don’t mean legs like yours! As a matter of fact, this saying means something completely different. You will learn specifically what if you read this book till the end.

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Appreciate sincerity
Sincerity is an important skill. Sometimes it might be hard to hear the truth but children need to know that you will appreciate their sincerity.  
Whom will you meet? Where you will go? What will you learn?
In this tale, you will travel a lot, who else you meet and finally find out why lies have short legs.
Truth is too large to hide
There is nothing better than telling the truth, especially once you realize that just like a lie, the truth always comes out, too. Even if you hide it behind a mountain, a truth will still be seen. It is just too large to hide.

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